School Safety
  • Prioritize school safety by focusing on physical security, additional resource officers, mental health, and training to implement best practices.

Every student and educator in Arkansas deserves a safe learning environment. 


To do this, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) commits to:

  • Distribute funds for improvements in safety measures: Continue to oversee the implementation of the $50 million of grant funding to provide resources for districts as they implement ADE’s safety priorities.
  • Expand new Safe Schools Unit to support districts: Expand the new Safe Schools Unit to provide direct support to districts as they put into place new procedures. This unit will be instrumental in providing direct support, professional learning, monitoring, and direction regarding school safety.
  • Develop best-practice crisis response plans: Develop a statewide crisis response plan that identifies the roles and responsibilities of each actor (state and local partners) in time of a crisis and support districts to create a local crisis response plans